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Rocke Financial, LLC is an independent research and asset recovery firm based in Greenville, North Carolina. Rocke Financial was founded for the express purpose of helping people around the country claim the money and or property that is rightfully due them.



Most people who learn of unclaimed funds have a good amount of questions. Although every case is different, we can help to give you the answers for your specific circumstances. Below are a series of inquiries most commonly asked by our clients.
  1. What does unclaimed or lost assets mean?
Unclaimed or lost assets refers to anything owed to you or your family that you are unaware exists. Money may be owed to you for a variety of reasons such as the result of a property, stocks or bonds, insurance policies, royalties, rentals, wages, tax refunds-or a number of other possibilities. Most assets have been converted to a monetary figure that is being held by a variety of agencies or parties. In most cases the laws regarding these funds don't require the party holding the assets to make more than a cursory attempt at locating the beneficiary, meaning that without our research that money would go unclaimed.

2. How did my assets get lost?
Assets may be lost in a variety of ways. They may be a result of an inheritance, lost payments, returns on property, and insurance policies. Additionally, names and addresses change along with mistakes get made, causing difficulty in locating a beneficiary. With only a cursory attempt being requiring, there is little incentive for asset holders to make more than a brief attempt at locating recipients.

2. How did you find me?
Our claim consultants use a variety of research techniques to uncover contact information for those owed claims. We subscribe to a variety of contact databases. In addition, we also employ private investigators to help with the search.

4. Who has my lost assets?
There are a variety of entities that could be hoilding your assets. Upon the signature of an agency agreement, the claim manager will be able to provide more specific information about your claim.

5. Is there a time limit to claim any lost or unclaimed funds?
This is a rather difficult question to answer since the funds come from a variety of different agencies. Depending upon the type of unclaimed funds available, the expiration date may vary.

6. Can I claim these assets on my own?
It may be possible to claim these funds on your own; however, this process is very detailed and time consuming. Over the years, we have perfected the process in order to alleviate the confusion and frustration in obtaining your unclaimed funds.

7. Do I owe money at any time?
Rocke Financial works on a contingency-fee basis as outlined in our agency agreement. We deduct all fees after we receive the funds; thus, there is no upfront cost associated with our service.

8. How long does the claim process take?
Each claim is unique and depends on the agency holding the assets as well as the documentation needed to make the claim. On average a few weeks to a few months

9. Can I get paid for my claim upfront?
Yes. Rocke Financial understands time is money and for those that do not wish to wait for their claim to process and would prefer immediate payment, we will pay cash upfront for the rights to the claim. To find out more, ask about our Cash Express Program.

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